Vision Statement

  • The main objective of BAKWATA is to provide resources and guidance to support the betterment of Muslim in the Country by promoting education as a key to a better life through collaborating with both religious and secular institutions to increase poor Muslims and particularly the youth access to learning institutions to further their studies.
  • Initiate and guide an integrated Islamic personality and help Muslims in Tanzania to learn and practice Islam.
  • Promote and conduct business related, moral, intellectual, social and cultural programs
  • Promote friendly relations between Muslims and non-Muslims.
  • To develop Muslim youth to be active participants in society


Mission Statement

  • To teach and educate Muslims and the youth in particular the proper Islamic education as taught by the Prophet (PBUH) which has seen Islam since then been liked and followed as a religion of peace as it’s the meaning of its name.
  • To teach and educate Muslims and the youth on their roles in the community as teachers in madrassas, Imams and leaders.
  • To educate the Youth in Islamic and secular education and assist them in those areas.